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Sep 26, 2012 4:00am EDT
recent protest. in his last major foreign policy address before the upcoming election, obama also reiterated his desire to find a diplomatic solution with iran, but warned that time was running out. usef joins us from iran now. as we can expect to hear from ahmadinejad later today, what might he -- are we going hear any change in rhetoric from the past? how much will the world's attention be focused on this moment? >> well, kelly, you're right. president mahmood ahmadinejad's speech is expected for later today. it comes actually quite at an interesting time because it would be the hollywoodiest dies jewish calendar. of course, obama's speech comes at a time when the united states is facing a very difficult situation in the middle east. we saw the ongoing protests, and of course, anti-u.s. sentiment is at relatively high in terms of its historical sort of context. but again, peace is hard is what obama made very clear in his speech. a warning shot to the remaining dictators in the region. also saying that countries like bahrain, which is a neighbor to saudi arabia, the world's top
Oct 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
to allow that to happen. true global consolidation, a lot of countries still have policies that limit foreign investment in the airline sector. so we need to see a lot of changes in the regulatory environment to allow that to happen. in the meantime, we did see a lot of consolidation continue to happen within regions like latin america, like north america, like europe. and asia is a bit more difficult because you didn't have common market like you do in europe. joint ventures and partnerships, so some benefits can be realbut still doesn't really allow for that. >> it's not the same as doing the full monty. brendan, thanks for that. good to see you. just a quick programming note. tomorrow we will bring you a first on cnbc in an interview with the director general, he will be joining us on cnbc. i'm not sure if he's on "worldwide exchange." anyway, on the agenda in asia tomorrow, australia central bank is holding its policy meeting, widely expected to cut rates, but analysts are pretty divide order whether they'll pull the trigger tomorrow. retail sales figures, also. still to come, the
Sep 27, 2012 4:00am EDT
or for a very sustained period, so you'll see much more foreign currency intervention than perhaps elsewhere. >> nigel, thanks for joining us. have a good evening. >> and talk of market reforms and revived hopes of further policy easing has sparked a big rally in chinese shares. still sentiment rose on a couple of other developments. pboc's continued efforts to liquidate helped, although offered liquidity. it's pumped $58 billion, its largest weakly injection so far. and data showing shrinking profits from chinese industrials have underlined the need potential for even more government help. meanwhile, a top treasury official is in beijing to negotiate more opportunities for american businesses. the visit by the treasury undersecond comes just weeks before washington releases its current city report on major trading partners. also as america's presidential candidates continue to trade bashes over who is tougher on beijing. mitt romney says he'll label it as a china manipulate directory while obama accuses of profiting from jobs september overseas. >>> japan continues to take a hard line in it
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3